If you are looking for a better, more realistic piano for Ableton Live check out Ivy Audio’s Piano in 162, it’s free for the soundfont file (.sfz) and can be used as a VST using the Sforzando soundfont player, free for both Windows and Mac.

There are also many great free string soundfont files floating around the internet and you can give them a google search and try them out with Sforzando. I use Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra, which is also free. I use the first violin sustain preset.

You’ll need to throw a Compressor + Limiter + EQ + Reverb on the tracks to get the most out of them but they sound great with some tweaking.  Below is my “Real Piano” preset, it’s probably not the best configuration but sounds great to my ears.

Real Piano Preset

I used the Piano in my newest video if you want to see it in action:
Kloosless – Oxygen | Live “Acoustic”