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I build soundpacks.


My soundpacks are a set of relatively short or looping sounds that can be played using a grid of buttons.  Each button when pressed can play in different ways according to how you pressed it and how long you held it.  When these buttons are played in specific and creative patterns these seemly random sounds morph together into layers that form a song. I use Ableton Live to build these cool things and below you can see one in action.

While typically designed for 4x4 button grids, like an MPD or a Midi Fighter 3D my soundpacks can be played on any MIDI controller that is compatible with Ableton Live, that means you can play my soundpacks on pretty much anything, including your computer keyboard. If you want see even more, check out my YouTube channel where I post all my newest soundpack videos with links to their download from DJTT.

From 6 Under-Appreciated Controllerism Routines On YouTube

“Kloosless is actually set to become one of the next creators of DJTT soundpacks at this rate. He’s been crafting fun and original finger drumming packs and then making videos of them in use on the Midi Fighter 3D, and giving them out for free! We’re big fans of all that – plus he takes full advantage of the gyroscope in the 3D in this routine (Some Will Sing) – rad.”

Dan White

Managing Editor, DJ TechTools

My soundpacks are always free and can be found at:

Via Google Drive

Direct Download